Gallant Dill - If You Have Any of The Following, Immediately Raise Your Prices In 2018!!

Look, I am going on my 9th year of owning businesses. I have consulted for thousands of clients because of my information products and my actual consulting firms.
Here are the secrets of why people raise prices and have no trouble getting paid!
If you have a strong list of previous, HAPPY customers that you can use as reference, this will kill most doubts in prospects minds and show value in your organization.
If you have visual proof of before and after pictures of previous campaigns or can show the success in a simple form, it will completely blow your prospects mind and get them off the fence with you. PEOPLE LOVE VISUALS…
If you have ever been featured in any top news channels or interviewed over your expertise, make sure your new clients know this and has access to this material. Clients love to brag about who they are working with.
If you have a book or podcast about delivering the services you offer, always make sure your clients know about this upfront. This type of stuff makes you seem like an automatic “EXPERT.”
Raising your prices isn’t rocket science! If you know you can do a good job and get out of the world results for your clients, then you should have no worries or concerns about getting paid what you want!
Lots of these courses teach the students to go out and chase low hanging fruit. It’s a waste of time!
My mentor told me “if you’re worried about $500, you’ll never be a millionaire” and he was right!
Once I changed my prices, everything changed for me! 
Let me know if you have any questions!
I’ll see you at the top! -GD