Gallant Dill - The Secrets of Reading Books Fast!

People ask me how I read 5-10 books a week and here is my secret. 

After my nightly 2-6 mile walk, I turn off all my distractions and head to a quiet room in my house. I then block off 1-3 hours for reading.
I have 5 books in front of me. I read 1-2 chapters of each starting with the least interesting book of the 5. Ending with the best book will motivate me to read faster and keep going.

I make sure each book is on a different topic or skill set so it doesn’t get confusing.

I go to sleep every night with learning lots of new things that I can apply to my day to day life.

My money 10X’d once I started reading every night.

My book and course collection is my most prized possession.

Knowledge is the key to everything you have ever wanted or desired!